Q. Why can't I see the video presentation?

A. Review the System Requirements to verify that your system meets the minimum requirements. Links are provided there to install or update your media player or Internet browser. If your system meets the minimum requirements listed, try selecting a different connection type.

The option that works best may vary depending upon your Internet provider and the current available bandwidth.

Q. I can hear audio, but the video doesn't play. What should I do?

A. This could be caused by insufficient bandwidth. Try selecting a device with a faster internet connection.

Q. What does "buffering" mean?

A. Buffering occurs when your connection speed to the Internet is less than that required to play the video stream. In most cases, the presentation will begin after a few seconds of buffering, which gives the connection a head start. If you are experiencing frequent buffering during playback (it may appear as a temporary pausing of images), try using a lower bandwidth connection type.

Q. What can I do if none of the above helps to improve the audio or video?

A. Contact the JCRQSN team using the phone/fax/e-mail information found in the Contact Information on the page footer below.